Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A peek inside the Rapa Nui Room

I have named our home bar "The Rapa Nui Room". Surprisingly, my research (mostly of other people's research... Kirsten, Teitelbaum, Berry, Payne etc) has turned up no other establishments named Rapa Nui in Polynesian Pop's 50+ year existence. I'm hoping I got in first then.
Tiki Farm released a mug named "Mr Rapa Nui" a couple of years back, that's him over there on the right, whom I consider some sort of mascot for the room. I would hope one day I could obtain a larger rendering of him to oversee the room.

We live in a small rental property, so the challenge of creating a satisfying Polynesian Pop experience in such a limited space is enormous. At the moment, wall and ceiling cladding cannot be considered so we're kind of stuck with pail yellow walls and ceilings.

More photos to follow in later posts, here's a peak in the meantime.

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